Do You Need a Sewer Line Repair?

Your main sewer line plays a vital role in helping keep your entire septic system functioning smoothly. If this important component suffers problems, you will likely need to seek sewer line repair in Atlanta, Georgia, in a timely a fashion. Here are some of the reasons why you should call a plumber for assistance.

Tree Roots

In some cases, tree roots might grow into your sewer pipes. This may be especially likely if there are large trees relatively near your main sewer line. Tree roots can spread quite far underground, however, so you may sometimes experience this problem even if the trees do not appear to be especially close. If you are dealing with septic troubles caused by tree roots, a professional plumbing contractor can likely advise you on how best to resolve the problem.

Cracked Pipes

Sometimes cracked pipes may leave you in need of sewer line repair in Atlanta, Georgia. If pipes are old or are suffering from corrosion or breakdown, there is a chance they may spontaneously crack. Different types of piping may suffer from specific hazards; iron might rust, clay may crack, and plastic might be vulnerable to extreme water temperature.

Sewage Backup

Sewage backup may quickly become an emergency plumbing situation. If you have noticed that sewage is backing up into your tub, shower or toilet, try to call an expert as quickly as you can. It is likely that your main septic line has a break or a clog that will need extensive treatment in order to resolve.

Fixing Your Septic System

There is a variety of septic problems that may cause you to seek sewer line repair in Atlanta, Georgia. Tree roots might grow into your main septic line, potentially causing significant problems. Major pipes could crack or break, and in some cases, sewage could even back up into your tub or toilet. A professional can generally help resolve any of these problems. Visit the website for more information.