Preventing Scottsdale Drains From Becoming Clogged Is Up To Homeowners

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Plumber

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Clogged drains are no fun. They smell, and they back up water in the sinks, toilet, and tub. The clogs are solids that don’t melt or break down, such as soap scum and grease. Other things get put down drains that we take for granted, like hair from shampooing in the shower. Some clogs call for drain cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ, but a few preventive measures can be completed by homeowners and their families.

Kitchen Sinks

It happens every day, and no one notices. Plates are put in the sink for washing. Some still contain what no one wanted to eat, but didn’t get scraped into the trash. A couple contain plastic wrappers from candies, cakes, or pastries. They didn’t get scraped, either.

Those washing dishes will throw away the wrappers, but the food remains get washed down the drain along with the dishwashing soap. Coffee grounds, tea leaves, eggshells, rice, and powdered potatoes, fruit and vegetable peels, oils, and grease in pots and pans all get washed down the drain. These things should be placed in empty jars and cans for removal with the trash before they clog the kitchen drains.

Bathroom Sinks

We don’t usually think of the hair we’re brushing or the nail polish we remove clogging the bathroom sink. Makeup gets washed down the drain when we wash our faces. All manner of ill things gets washed down the drain when we wash our hands.

Showers see these and more get washed down their drains, from personal grooming products to clipped toenails. These build up on the sides of the pipes, which backs up water into the sinks and tubs. These things should be removed or used over a wastebasket before the need arises for drain cleaning in Scottsdale , AZ, professionals. Zippity Split Plumbing can tell you more about drain cleaning when you contact them via website

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