What to Know About a Local Septic Pumping Company in Nampa

When people have septic tanks in their homes, they need to have a local septic pumping company in Nampa, such as ASAP Septic. This type of company is licensed and insured, and they can pump septic tanks and perform other affordable services. Proper care and maintenance can minimize unwanted emergencies, but this type of company is available 24/7 if one arises.

Septic Pumping

A local septic pumping company in Nampa can help customers understand how often they need to have their septic tanks emptied. There are several factors, such as the number of people living in the home, the amount of wastewater produced, and the amount of solids in the wastewater. For example, a garbage disposal will produce more solids.

The other factor is the size of the septic tank. When the company comes out to pump the septic tank, it removes the buildup of solid waste that accumulates over time. Although biological activity and additives that are in the septic tank break down smaller waste, they aren’t powerful enough to break down larger solids that will require septic pumping.

Emergency Septic Pumping

Another service offered by a local septic pumping company in Nampa is emergency septic pumping. If someone experiences a blockage or notices soggy areas in the grass, they can call for emergency services. The tank may need to be pumped, or the septic system could need a repair. These professionals are experts and can come out and diagnose the situation and offer a solution to get the septic system working properly once again.