A Plumbing Service in Lima Ohio Can Help People Prevent Sewer Backups

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Plumbing

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A blockage in the main sewer line can cause a dramatic backup into a home, resulting in dismay and inconvenience for the residents. They’ll need a Plumbing Service in Lima Ohio to provide fast service for clearing out the clog and recommending preventive measures for the future. Fortunately, these types of backups often can be avoided by paying attention to symptoms that indicate a problem is developing. A drain-cleaning service can resolve the underlying issue before a large amount of wastewater flows up into a basement drain, toilet, bathtub or shower.

The standard Plumbing Service in Lima Ohio for eliminating a sewer line clog is to run a cable with a cutting device down the pipe. The blades are intended to cut tree roots that have grown into the underground line, which is a very common situation. That cable also can break up other materials that have caused the clog. Typical culprits include paper towels, sanitary wipes, tampons and dental floss. These items should not be flushed, but people tend to do so because normally no problems develop. Once the objects start catching onto tiny root growth, however, they can quickly turn into a large solid block of material.

What are some signs that the sewer line is becoming clogged? The home’s residents should take note of drains that flow abnormally slowly when the pipes under them are clear of hair or other debris. Unexplained gurgling noises from the toilet also are symptoms of water standing in the sewer line and flowing too slowly. If it looks like the water is percolating in the toilet bowl, it’s time to call a company such as Bluffton Aeration Services for assistance.

Tree roots seek out water and fertilizer. They find minute amounts leaking from cracks in old clay sewer pipes and in places where pipe joints have come a bit loose. Once inside the pipe, they can continue accumulating into startling tangles of organic growth. Drain and sewer cleaning professionals can provide routine preventive service to kill new root growth without harming any trees. This might be done annually to avoid any more backups.

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