Common Reasons Causing the Need for Sump Pump Repair in Indianapolis IN

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Plumbing Services

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A sump pump that is running continuously for no apparent reason isn’t necessarily indicating that it’s about to break down. However, this type of pump is not intended to operate this way, and it could experience a serious malfunction if the situation is not resolved. Shutting off the device and calling for professional sump pump repair in Indianapolis IN is recommended.

If the pump is running constantly because water is pouring into the pump well, then there’s a definitive reason for this activity. It’s working hard to prevent a flood in the home. When it keeps running when the well is empty, though, it can easily overheat and break down. Sump pump repair in Indianapolis IN would then be essential, or a full replacement might be required.

Check Valve Malfunction

A certain amount of water always drains back into the well after discharge. That’s because the discharge hose goes straight up for several feet before exiting to the outside. Some water will always be left in that hose when the pump turns off. If the pump’s check valve is malfunctioning, the equipment will repeatedly keep trying to send that water back out.

Drifting Off Balance

An issue with the float or the switch can occur if the pump drifts off balance. That can make the equipment run without stopping or, in contrast, not run when it should. This can be a noisy issue that calls everyone’s attention to a problem in the basement.

The Well Is Too Deep

Another problem that can cause this device to operate more frequently than would be normal is a sump well that was constructed at too deep a level. Now the pump is routinely gathering water from the groundwater table at a depth that isn’t necessary to keep water out of the basement.

Preventive Measures

Routine maintenance by a company such as Roby’s Plumbing & Appliance Service can prevent malfunctions and identify problems before they occur. They can inspect and clean the system, and replace any parts that are very worn. Workers with this type of company also can repair and replace sump pumps. Contact us to learn more about this particular organization.

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