FAQ’s about Water Softening Allentown

by | Aug 19, 2016 | plumbing tips

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Many people hear the phrase water softening but may not know exactly what it means. Water softening is often necessary, especially in a residential environment. Here are a few frequently asked questions, and their answers, about Water Softening Allentown.

1. What is meant by “hard water”? Hard water simply refers to water that has a higher mineral content than “normal” water. The minerals in question most often are calcium and magnesium. When water is hard, it is very difficult for soap to dissolve in it.

2. What’s a water softener? A machine that is installed in the home (or business) that allows the water to become soft by removing the excess amount of minerals found therein.

3. What exactly is meant by softening? The softening of water is a method to remove the minerals that cause the water to be labeled hard. When water is hard, it can clog plumbing pipes and result in certain substances such as soap and detergents to not dissolve properly.

4. Why is water softening important? It is important because when water is too hard, it can diminish the efficiency of water heaters, damage washing machines, and clog plumbing. This is due to the lime scale deposits that form from the excess minerals found in the hard water. Softening the water increases the life of these appliances and many others that require water to function, such air conditioning units and modern refrigerators.

5. What type of salts should be used in conjunction with the water softening system? There are three types of salts that are commonly used in water softeners. The type used really depends on how frequently the water softening system is used. Rock salt is the cheapest of the three salts but does contain a decent amount of insoluble matter that will require the machine to be cleaned frequently. Solar salt contains some insoluble matter but certainly not as much as rock salt. Evaporated salt is the most expensive option but is also the best option if cleaning is something that is desired to be avoided.

For more information on Water Softening Allentown or to schedule an appointment for installation, contact a company that offers experience and guaranteed work such as Plumbing, as a reputable company that has been in the business for a long time is needed.

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