Grease Trap Repair In Lima, Ohio Will Keep Things Running Smoothly

Grease traps are a necessary part of any commercial, industrial, or restaurant kitchen. A general plumber does not always have the experience that is needed to repair or replace a grease trap. The interceptor should be properly maintained through a professional flushing and cleaned regularly. Grease Trap Repair in Lima Ohio, by an experienced plumber can result in a fast diagnosis of the problem as well as an affordable solution. If a grease trap is clogged or needs to be repaired, the kitchen area may become a health hazard due to a backup of water. There’s never a need to worry about the health department finding an unsanitary area due to a grease trap problem when a business receives regular maintenance by a plumber.

Grease Trap Repair in Lima Ohio, can be avoided by proper cleaning, pumping, and disposal of grease in restaurants, deli’s, bakeries, hotels, hospitals, bagel shops, and other types of industrial or commercial kitchens that utilize a grease trap. Maintenance can include cleaning ejector pits and grease interceptors. Cooking oil from fryers can be a large source of problems for disposal without a properly operating grease trap system. Enzyme system treatments can help to ensure that the grease is trapped in one area. Economically removing the grease from a food industry business in a proper fashion will eliminate clogs or shutdowns of the operation. Just spraying a grease trap out with some water and dumping the grease into a drain or trash is never recommended.

Regular pumping of the system by an experienced company will give the technician the opportunity to inspect the unit for any signs of wear and tear that may need repairing. This eliminates a breakdown during use. If a grease trap is not properly maintained there is a very good chance of water from the drain backing up into a kitchen area and slowing down or stopping the preparation of food in the kitchen. This could cost a business thousands of dollars of lost revenue if the kitchen becomes contaminated and closes until repairs are made. Contact Bluffton Aeration Services Lima Ohio for your kitchen’s grease trap repair and maintenance.