How Often Should Recharging for Water Softening in Allentown Be Performed?

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Plumbing

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Water Softening in Allentown is beneficial for minimizing the amount of mineral content in tap water. That prevents hard, scaly residue from building up on plumbing fixtures, sinks, and shower doors. It prevents staining from iron in the water and also boosts the effectiveness of shampoo, dish soap and laundry detergent. Water softeners must regenerate relatively frequently, so the system continues working properly. The tank with plastic resin gradually accumulates hard minerals, and those minerals must eventually be flushed away with sodium or potassium. How often this occurs depends primarily on how heavy the tap water’s mineral content is and how much water the home’s residents use.

The most basic system for Water Softening in Allentown involves setting the programming, so the equipment recharges every week at a certain day and time. The residents can override this programming if they want to. For instance, if they go away on vacation for a week, they may not need the softener to regenerate the following week. In contrast, if they have a group of relatives stay at the house for several days, they might want to run the recharging process an additional time that week.

Some individuals keep the system on override and press the button for regeneration when they notice the water quality changing. This is more typical in homes with only one or two residents who tend to be out of town a lot and might only need to recharge the system every month or two. People who are accustomed to soft water become skilled at realizing when the mineral content is increasing.

A more sophisticated system that can be installed by a company such as Plumbing analyzes the hardness of the water flowing from the softener into the home’s plumbing and automatically regenerates when the mineral content reaches a certain level. This is the most effective and efficient method for softening water, since it never regenerates after the mineral level has become too high and it also doesn’t regenerate too early. Most people don’t need the water softened on the exact same day and time every week since water usage tends to be variable. It’s more reasonable to have the process occur as necessary.

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