How Sewer Camera Work in San Jose, CA, Protects Your Pipes from Roots

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Plumber

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Trees and other types of vegetation in backyards offer shade and beautify the property. Homeowners enjoy landscaping their homes to improve curb appeal and create a relaxing environment. However, sometimes trees and large bushes are secretly attacking your home’s sewer line, and sewer camera work in San Jose, CA can protect your pipes.

Why Are Roots So Damaging

Roots damage pipes because they affect their structural integrity, create blockages, and eventually cause sewage leaks. Roots get into sewer lines through pipe joints, thin areas in the pipe wall, and small cracks. Some piping material is more resistant to roots than others. For example, PVC pipes don’t crack as easily as clay pipes do. However, if the PVC pipe joints aren’t sealed tight, roots can still get inside the pipe.

How Sewer Camera Work Protects Your Pipes

Cabling through the sewer pipe to get rid of roots clears blockages, but it doesn’t solve the overall problem. Eventually, roots grow back. Once this happens, homeowners find themselves in the same situation. To figure out the best treatment, it’s recommended homeowners call for professional camera inspection work. A camera inspection gives you information about the pipe’s condition and helps the plumber recommend the best repair or replacement option.

If you believe you have root issues that require cabling, sewer camera work in San Jose, CA, can help you come up with the best solution to protect your pipes. Contact the local plumbing pros who use the latest video technology. Check out Gogo Rooter Plumbing at today!

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