How to Recognize When It’s Time to Replace Your Hot Water Heater

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Plumbing

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Like all appliances, water heaters eventually require replacement. However, since you likely don’t pay much attention to your water heater regularly, it’s important to know what signs to look for to know when it’s time to call professional services for water heater installation in Atlanta Georgia.

Less Hot Water

If you notice that you’re running out of hot water more quickly than you have in the past, it may be time for a new water heater. Over time, the heating elements in your water heater can become less efficient, meaning they can’t heat cold water coming into the tank as quickly. In some cases, even the initial water that comes out of the faucet or showerhead may not be hot at all. If this is occurring, it’s time to utilize services for water heater installation in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rust or Other Corrosion

Water can do a number on metal surfaces, and hot water heaters are no exception. Over time, as your water heater develops tiny leaks, the water in the tank can begin to meet the air on the outside of the tank, leading to visible rust. This rust can harm the structural integrity of your water heater, which could, if left unchecked, lead to major water damage or even an explosion. If your water heater is showing these signs of aging, then, it’s likely time to put it out to pasture.

Odd-Colored Water

When it comes to rust, it’s not just the exterior of the water heater that’s at risk. The interior of the water heater is constantly exposed to water, and over time, this can lead to rust as the metal begins to break down. In some cases, this rust can become so severe that it begins to turn your water brown or light red. If it’s gotten to this point, there’s not much more that can be done other than to have your water heater replaced. For high-quality water heater services, contact the pros of Rooter PLUS for more information .

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