Is It Time To Call Your Local Septic Truck Service?

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Plumbing

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If your house is on a septic system, you’ll need to be more careful than people living in sewer systems. Septic tank systems are a form of home sewage treatment, and they work very well as long as you practice routine maintenance. This includes calling your septic truck service to have the tank pumped when it needs it. Here are some tips for knowing when it’s time to call, and ways you can avoid many common septic system problems.

Slow Drains

Have the drains in your house been running slowly lately? If your tank is full, it can make all the drains in the house run very slowly. In fact, a good way to tell is to check the toilet. When you flush, does it sometimes not flush or does it flush strangely? This could be from added pressure on the drain system from a full septic tank.

What Makes My Septic Tank Get Full?

During the normal course of waste treatment, solids are dissolved, and water is allowed to escape through the septic drain field. However, over the course of time, sludge gradually builds up inside the tank and falls to the bottom. Eventually, there may be too much sludge in the tank, and it needs to be pumped out by a septic truck.

What is the Best Way to Maintain My Tank?

You can slow the process of sludge buildup by making your septic system more effective and efficient. Your sewage treatment system works because billions of bacteria break down the solids in the tank. If you run too much soap or use soap that is not biodegradable, you will kill off many of these bacteria, and this will decrease your septic tank efficiency.

Toilet Paper Usage

Toilet paper is designed to break down in the tank but if too much paper is put in the tank, it can make it very hard on the system and solids may begin to build up. Try to keep paper usage to a minimum. For example, if someone uses paper to blow their nose, they should only throw it in the bathroom trash can instead of flushing it. Also, teach children to conserve toilet paper.

Pumping the Tank

It may be a good idea to introduce occasionally specialized bacteria into your septic tank. There are many good products on the market, and you only need to flush them down the toilet once a month. Also, have a septic truck pump out the tank about every two years or so. This insures no sludge gets into your septic drain field, which could clog the lines and lead to expensive repair bills.

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