Keep Your Home or Business Clean and Dry With Expert Drain Cleaning in Chicago IL

The plumbing in your home or business has two major factors, the fresh water supply and the sewage outlet. While each of these aspects can cause headaches whenever they fail, the drain system can be the most annoying. This is because drains can easily clog leaving you with a nasty problem that can be difficult to clean. Drains typically clog in two or three places. One of the most common is the pipe traps. These are the curved pieces of pipe placed directly after the drain outlet. You can easily see the ones connected to the sink by looking under your cabinet. The primary purpose of the pipe trap is to prevent sewer gas from entering the building. Unfortunately, they can also accumulate food and other debris which blocks the flow of waste water.

Cleaning the traps is a fairly easy process provided the person doing the job has a little skill with plumbing, but it is recommended that you have professional Drain Cleaning in Chicago IL. Once the water has been eliminated you can disconnect the pipe trap. In most instances you can clean the trap by removing anything that is blocking it. Replacing the part is where the skill comes into play. Most drainage systems today use PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which can be damaged if improperly handled. This is especially true when attempting to thread the pieces back together. Damaged threads will prevent the pipe from sealing properly. To make things even harder drain lines should not be glued or otherwise permanently sealed or you won’t be able to repair them again.

The other types of drain clogs involve the toilet or main sewer lines. When the toilet clogs it is a fairly easy task to plunge the problem away, but sometimes the clog is so wedged that it takes an expert at Drain Cleaning in Chicago IL to remove it. If the clog is further down the pipes the plumber may need to remove the toilet. The reason for this is to apply a tool called a pipe snake. The snake uses a flexible cable to allow it to reach deep in the sewer pipes. Whenever your business or home is suffering from clogged drains be sure to contact a professional such as Plumbing of Chicago IL. Making repairs on your own could end up costing you more in the long run.

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