Most Common Types of Toilet Repair

A toilet that is leaking or not working is a job that usually needs to be fixed quickly. Some fixes are simple enough that anyone can do them. But many are best left to a professional who can get the job done fast and right. Here are the most common types of toilet repair in Fayetteville.

Leaking Toilet

If you see water around the base of the toilet, you have a leak somewhere. One cause of this kind of leak is a crack in the toilet bowl. Sometimes the crack can be repaired, but often the toilet will need to be replaced entirely.

Another common cause of leaks around the base is the wax ring that seals the base of the toilet. This part can get damaged and lose its seal, allowing water to seep from the toilet base. This job requires the toilet to be removed to replace the wax ring, a task best left to a professional.

Leaks may also originate from the water supply line. This repair can be as simple as tightening the fitting or replacing rubber washers. Other times, the repair requires a replacement of the supply line running from the toilet to the wall.

Running Toilet

A running toilet makes a lot of noise. It can also be a massive water waster, losing hundreds of gallons per week. A running toilet is usually the result of worn out parts within the tank. Newer toilets will have cartridges to replace, a more difficult repair than the flapper and chain seen in older toilets.

Clogged Toilet

This common problem can usually be solved with a good plunger. Sometimes an item may have gotten accidentally flushed and cause a clog. If the item needs to be recovered from inside the line, or you experience ongoing water volume or pressure problems, it’s time to call a professional.

Keep these common problems in mind the next time you need a toilet repair in Fayetteville.