Pull-Chain Toilets as Part of Modern Bathroom Plumbing in Diamond Bar CA

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Plumbing

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Remodeling that involves Bathroom Plumbing in Diamond Bar CA sometimes includes having a toilet replaced. A trend has begun in the reappearance of pull-chain toilets in homes, a type of fixture that has been rare in these settings for decades.

About These Fixtures

These toilets have a tank located far above the bowl instead of right above and behind it. They flush when someone pulls a chain attached to the tank instead of by pushing a lever.

Historically, they are particularly associated with homes of wealthy people in the late 1800s who could actually afford an indoor bathroom. The fixtures remained in homes from this time period until they finally needed to be replaced or when homeowners wanted updates to the room.

Why People Choose Them

Why do today’s homeowners ask for the installation of pull-chain toilets during changes to Bathroom Plumbing in Diamond Bar CA? Some like that very old-fashioned appearance and may be designing their house in a Victorian style.

It’s easy to get the bowl and the tank in different colors, and this tends to look more stylish than having a non-matching bowl and mounted tank directly above and behind. The bowl usually is in a Victorian style as well, adding to the old-fashioned design of the room.

A practical advantage is as a space-saving feature for small bathrooms, as the toilet can be situated much closer to the wall without a tank behind it. A second advantage is the increased water pressure for flushing because of the height of the tank. That is helpful for today’s water-saving toilets that don’t always send everything away with one flush.


Although traditionally the tank is mounted far up the wall, people can have the tank placed much lower if they would like. Some individuals feel a little nervous about a tank filled with water mounted several feet overhead. They might worry about exterior condensation and dripping during humid weather, but this is rarely a problem in the Diamond Bar area.

Contractors with companies such as Affordable Plumbing & Drain Cleaning can modify the plumbing so a little warm water is added to the tank after flushing, preventing the icy cold water that causes condensation. Visit the Site today.

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