Reasons to Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection From Plumbing Contractors in Omaha NE

by | May 26, 2017 | Plumbing

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A home’s plumbing system is one of its most important features, and it’s also one of the most costly to replace or repair. When a person buys a home, they do so with the expectation that its systems are in good enough shape to work well for the next several years. Below are several good reasons to have the plumbing inspected before a home purchase is finalized.

The Sewer Lines May be in Danger of Failure

Most people believe replacing a sewer line isn’t a big deal. However, if it’s damaged, cracked or otherwise compromised, replacement could cost up to $8000-;not counting the cost to replace the front lawn. Even if the line doesn’t need replacement, a backup could cause serious and unsanitary issues.

Additional Bargaining Power

If the plumbing inspection points out any issues, that doesn’t mean that the home isn’t a worthwhile investment. However, it may mean that the plumbing system needs some attention. Following the inspection, plumbing contractors in Omaha, NE can offer a written estimate that the buyer may be able to use as a bargaining tool to get a lower purchase price.

Hidden Water Damage

Not every instance of water damage can be seen. A hidden leak can damage the area behind the walls and under the foundation, and the problem can potentially go unnoticed for years. A thorough inspection can unearth leaks that have caused water damage, or have the potential to do so.

Knowing What to Expect

Buying a new home is one of a person’s biggest investments, and as such, the buyer should know what he or she is getting for the money. With a thorough inspection by Plumbing Contractors in Omaha NE, a buyer will know just what he or she is getting into.


Finally, a plumbing inspection allows the buyer to rest easy knowing that the system is in good shape. After an inspection, the buyer will know about how long the plumbing will last. For many, this reassurance is worth the cost of the work. Visit the website or call the office to schedule a pre-purchase plumbing inspection.

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