Reasons Why Contractors for Plumbing in Bellingham WA Still Mainly Install Tank Water Heaters

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Plumbing

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When it’s time to replace a tank water heater, homeowners nearly always rely on a professional service for plumbing in Bellingham WA instead of trying to do the job themselves. There are a few pertinent questions to consider. One is whether to choose an electric or gas water heater. Another is whether to buy a bigger model, which may be appealing if the home routinely runs out of hot water. An alternative to the larger model is the tankless water heater.

Although tankless versions provide the significant advantage of always being able to supply hot water, the vast majority of homeowners still buy tank models. What’s the reason for this?

Tankless Concerns

The main issue usually is the upfront cost. Even though the homeowners will no longer waste money on keeping a big tank full of hot water all day long, installation costs of tankless models are remarkably higher. This is out of the budget for many people who otherwise would love to have an endless supply of hot water.

The second concern is the size of the household. One or two people probably don’t run out of hot water often enough to justify the expense of tankless installation. In contrast, a large family will find an endless stream of hot water to be more useful.

New Homes

Tankless models may very well be the future of hot water supplies in residential settings, but installation costs may need to come down substantially first. Contractors who provide service for plumbing in Bellingham WA will be called upon to install this equipment in new homes more frequently. That is where the main growth in tankless water heat is likely to be for the near future.

Solving Hot Water Problems

No matter what decision is made by anyone who needs to replace old equipment, a company such as Lynden Sheet Metal is ready to install either a tankless water heater or a tank version. If a tankless model is not feasible, the customers might solve problems with running out of hot water too frequently by setting the temperature on the heater a bit higher. Although that costs more in utility bills, it will be more affordable than choosing an entirely different style of appliance.

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