Repair, Maintenance Installation Service Provided by Plumbing Contractors in Lake Worth TX

Sluggish drains often can be resolved with a sink plunger, just as clogged toilets can be fixed with a toilet plunger. If this does not work, calling for assistance from Plumbing Contractors in Lake Worth TX is the best solution. The customer may want to have other problems taken care of during this appointment too.

Problems With Harsh Chemicals

Homeowners are advised not to use harsh chemicals in drains that can emit harmful fumes and even damage the plumbing. In addition, those chemicals are only partially effective. People find that they have to keep using the drain cleaners every few weeks or months. That’s not because an entirely new clog is building up but because the original one is never actually eliminated. Plumbing Contractors in Lake Worth TX can eradicate the blockage with a mechanical snake or by taking the pipe apart and manually removing the material that is causing the problem.

Other Repair Work

This is a good time to ask the plumber to fix other issues that may have been ongoing for a while. For instance, one of the faucets may be dripping just enough to be an annoyance. It might drip once every minute or two, but that’s still enough to lose gallons of water. Another problem could be a toilet that keeps running after flushing at seemingly random intervals. Interior tank parts might need to be replaced. This also wastes a great deal of water over time.

Water Heater Maintenance

In addition, maintenance can be done that will extend the longevity of the water heater. The plumber can drain the heater, which removes sediment that accumulates at the bottom. Replacing the anode rod is also advisable if this has never been done and the heater is more than five years old.

A Range of Improvements

For repair and maintenance of the existing plumbing, and for installation of new features, homeowners may contact a company such as Business Name. They might decide it’s time to have a dishwasher or garbage disposal installed, or a water softener or whole-house filtration system. A broad range of improvements can increase satisfaction with the home.