Signs it’s Time for Septic Tank Rebuilding in Old Bridge, NJ

A home’s septic system is responsible for removing liquid and solid waste from the household, where it can then be stored in an underground tank to decompose naturally. While few homeowners like to give much thought to their septic systems, it is important that they take adequate care of them if they want to avoid a disgusting and potentially dangerous mess. This can be accomplished through basic maintenance and keeping an eye out for the following warning signs that it might be time for Septic System Rebuilding in Old Bridge NJ.

Unpleasant Smells

Most homeowners don’t need to be told twice that it’s time to call in some professional help if the unpleasant scent of sewage is wafting through their houses. It’s also important for homeowners to take some time to sniff out potential signs of trouble in their yards, especially in the areas surrounding the septic tank and drain lines. In some cases, it’s possible to fix the cause of these unpleasant odors through simple repairs alone but in others, solving the problem might require a full system rebuild.

Slow Drains

Take note of any gurgling or slow draining occurring in bathtubs and sinks. Drainage issues and septic tank troubles often go hand and hand, so even if the water doesn’t produce unusual odors, it’s a good idea to call in a plumber to have the problem evaluated.

Sewer Backups

The most obvious warning sign that it’s time for Septic System Rebuilding in Old Bridge NJ is a sewer backup. If the system has not been adequately maintained, it’s possible that this backup could be ameliorated by pumping the tank. However, it’s also quite likely that damage has occurred to the system due to lack of maintenance or that the property’s groundwater table has gotten too high, causing the septic system to be unable to compete.

Other Warning Signs

Other early warning signs of trouble to come include pooling water in yards in the absence of flooding and grass that is suddenly and inexplicably growing taller and greener over the septic system. Readers should never ignore these warning signs, as it will only lead to more substantial repair bills. Browse our website to get more information today.