Situations in Which to Get an Inspection on the Septic Tank in Keller, TX

Septic tanks have provided homes with the luxury of indoor plumbing. They hold and process much of the home’s waste systems. But because of their unseen location, they often get ignored until it becomes obvious that they have to be replaced. These are a few situations in which to get the tank inspected.

If the age of the Septic Tank in Keller TX is unknown, an inspection is necessary. Septic tanks are like other mechanical systems in the home. They have a certain amount of time in which the tank can process and hold waste. After that period, they begin to lose their integrity. Time, exposure to moisture and the elements in the tank will wear away at the protective coatings. After awhile, it will start to leak. Since repairs can be expensive, identifying the approximate age can give a time line of when to schedule for a replacement tank.

If the tank hasn’t been inspected at all since moving into the home, it is past time to schedule this maintenance item. Because a breach of the septic tank is unpredictable, it needs to be checked for integrity. The longer that an inspection is put off, the higher the chance that a problem can occur at an inopportune time. Since repairs to the tank can cost thousands of dollars, one simple inspection can help prevent this type of problem from occurring.

If the home has galvanized plumbing that needs to be replaced or has been recently replaced, the Septic Tank in Keller TX will need to be inspected as well. Galvanized plumbing is common in older homes. It is known to have a lot of problems associated with corrosion. Most of this corrosion happens on the inside of the piping. If the piping is run out to the tank, there is a very good chance that leakage is occurring around it.

An inspection of the septic tank can identify when the tank needs to be replaced or if it is suffering from a failure that can potentially lead to a blowout. This inspection should be placed on the home maintenance list. For more information or to schedule an inspection, check out our website.