The 5 Best Reasons to Choose Trenchless Repair for Sewer Pipes

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Plumbing Services

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Over time, home sewer systems can become sluggish and even cause plumbing backups. For many years, that meant tearing up the property, ruining landscaping, and replacing pipes, but today many homeowners contact experts like Horizon Services and arrange for trenchless repair. Here are the 5 top reasons that clients prefer this new technology.

1) Work takes less time. Plumbers use camera-mounted equipment to quickly find tree roots, cracks, and blocks in sewer pipes. Once they pinpoint problems, plumbers just create small holes in the ground and make repairs without digging. This trenchless repair generally takes a few days. In contrast, digging up and replacing pipes can happen over several days or even weeks.

2) Customers save money. Clients often choose affordable pipe replacement professionals after reading about trenchless options on websites such as website. The sites show how above-ground pipe replacement works without destroying expensive landscaping. It also eliminates costs associated with digging under roadways or big trees. Customers also choose trenchless services in order to reduce labor costs. Technicians work from above ground, so there is no need to charge for days spent digging up and replacing pipes.

3) Yards stay cleaner. Professionals do not dig up sidewalks, gardens and lawns during trenchless lining and replacement. They work through two small entrance points at the beginnings and ends of pipes. They use the entry points to inspect lines, clear debris, and make repairs. Technicians can also clear encroaching roots from underground, without harming shrubs or trees.

4) Repairs are better quality. During trenchless pipe repairs, technicians line or replace current piping with seamless polyethylene materials. The new joint-free pipes are sturdy enough to resist tree-root damage and cracking, and they do not rust or corrode the way other materials can.

5) Sewer function is improved. Trenchless piping is often larger than original pipes. This can result in increased flow capacity and more efficient waste processes, and since materials are also exceptionally durable, sewer systems last longer.

Homeowners with sewer line problems often rely on experts who use trenchless technology. These companies quickly diagnose and fix a range of problems without destroying yards. Their processes save clients time and money while providing high-quality results.

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