Using Plumbers Owings Mills MD To Unclog A Toilet

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Plumbing

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When someone finds they cannot flush contents inside a toilet bowl successfully, they may want to call Plumbers Owings Mills MD to help with this problem. There are several ways a toilet can be unclogged. Try some of the following methods to try doing this before calling for professional assistance.

It is best to turn off the water supply before trying to unclog a toilet. This will ensure there are no overflowing conditions. The valve will be located on the wall directly behind the toilet. Turn it to the right to turn off the water supply to the toilet temporarily. It can be turned on after using the water in the back tank to flush down the contents after dislodging. If the water just adds to the bowl without flushing down, a plumber will need to be called.

One way to dislodge material in a toilet is with a plunger. Place the rubber flange over the hold in the toilet bowl and push down to form a seal over the porcelain. Use a quick up and down motion several times to push and pull air into the hole. This will work as a vacuum and pull material into the bowl when the flange is dislodged from the toilet bowl. The contents can then be flushed down.

Another method to try is with the use of a plumber’s snake. Stick the metal end toward the hole in the bowl and unwind the piece of equipment. The wire will push its way through the pipe and possible push the blockage out of the way, allowing water to access the path when flushing. Trying to pour a bowl of hot water from waist-level may help push the contents downward. The impact of the water from this height may give enough force to alleviate the problem.

Plumbers Owings Mills MD are not that difficult to find. Click here to find a reputable service that will come to the home to remove the blockage easily. A call can be made to Farnen Dermer Inc. to make an appointment for service. Estimates can be given over the phone as well.

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