Warning Signs it’s Time for Water Heaters Repair in Falls Church, VA

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Plumbing

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In general, a water heater will usually last eight to 12 years, depending on factors like unit design, unit location, maintenance, and the quality of the installation. There are several signs that indicate whether replacement or water heaters repair in Falls Church, VA is necessary. In either case, addressing the issue will save a homeowner from having to deal with a leaking appliance. The warning signs below shouldn’t be ignored and a professional should be called before the symptoms manifest.

Yellow or Brown Water

If the water from the hot side of the faucets is flowing yellow or brown, the water heater could be deteriorating from the inside. Drain some water out of the heater’s drain valve to see if it is also rusty, and stop the appliance from leaking. If the water is rusty call on a plumber to replace or possibly repair the water heater.

Lack of Hot Water

If the household is using the same amount of hot water in the past but the appliance just isn’t able to keep up, schedule testing with Business Name. They can determine if the hot water issue is due to a mechanical problem or if it might be time to upgrade to a larger water heater. This is especially true with growing households.

Hissing & Popping Noises

If there are rumbling sounds coming from the water heater as it heats up, this can be from water minerals collecting at the bottom of the tank. This sediment must be removed at regular intervals so that it doesn’t harden and result in these unpleasant sounds. A plumber can thoroughly clean a water heater and keep it in excellent condition.

Moisture Present

If there is moisture present around the appliance, this suggests a leak or a fracture. The age of the water heater will also contribute to the decision for repair or replacement.

Those who are experiencing any of these issues can call on Business Name for water heaters repair in Falls Church, VA. For years, they have provided customers with the best residential water heater service in the area. Whether the goal is to repair the existing water heater or even replace it with a next-generation tankless option, they have everything needed.

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