Don’t Let Grease Build Up – Call For Grease Trap Cleaning in Edison, NJ

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Plumbing

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Regular cleaning of grease traps is extremely important to a city or county’s water system. Fats, oils, and greases (FOG) can collect and harden, eventually clogging a municipal water system’s pipes and allowing untreated water to drain into the environment. For the safety of all citizens, this is not allowed. Regular cleaning by area plumbing companies to remove the heavy, oily sludge left behind from frying foods is required by State Health Departments.

Hotels, schools, restaurants, or churches that fry foods in grease must clean grease traps routinely. Every business or organization that’s frying french fries, fish and other foods must clean their grease traps to ensure pipes flow freely. Most owners of businesses and organizations hire companies to do the Grease Trap Cleaning in Edison NJ. If the traps are not cleaned properly, they’re going to emit an odor people all over the restaurant will smell, plus the grease could get into other pipes and cause more problems for the owner. Visit Apollo Sewer And Plumbing to see the many types of jobs they do along with cleaning the grease traps of food service customers all over Edison and surrounding areas.

Besides Grease Trap Cleaning in Edison NJ, plumbing companies clean bathroom, kitchen, and basement drains, outside sewer lines, as well as clean out septic tanks when they’re full. Most companies are available in emergencies to help customers 24/7. They offer excellent customer service and have fully trained technicians working for them that arrive in a company van or truck. When a call is received, most plumbing companies make a point of getting to their client within an hour of the call. They don’t want homeowners to walk in dirty water or their business customers to lose patrons because they’re closed for the day.

Plumbing companies can complete whatever type of job that needs to be done, whether a commercial or a residential job. They will bring in extra-large machines when excavation is needed, clean out the grease traps, install new drains, work on underground septic systems, and keep pipes cleared of debris. Highly recommended and very affordable plumbing companies offer regular maintenance service to clients, so they don’t have to face emergency situations.

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