Things You Should Know About Drain Pipe Cleaning Services in Southington, CT

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Drain Cleaning

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The drain pipe is one of the most important pipes in your entire plumbing system. The drain pipe is responsible for carrying all of the waste away from your house and connects to the municipal sewage system. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the drain pipe is larger than the other pipes installed in the modern plumbing system, it’s still the most common pipe that gets blocked. You may already know that drain clogging is a fairly common issue. There are plenty of companies that currently offer drain pipe cleaning services in Southington, CT. Here are some common things that you should know about the drain pipe cleaning process.

Power Washing

The most common method that almost every plumbing service uses is to perform a power wash. Power washing generally involves using water jets to allow water to pass through the drain pipe at very high pressures. This gets rid of any blockage in the pipes and ensures that all debris that’s stuck in between is also cleared out. Companies, such as James J Rybczyk Plumbing & Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. in Southington, CT, offer complete drain pipe cleaning services.

Acid Washing

Another way to get rid of any blockages in the drain pipes is to pass an acid through the pipes. Acid washing is generally a pretty common way of literally melting blockages within the drain pipe. Most companies that offer drain pipe cleaning services will first inspect the blockage and then determine how it should be cleaned. If power washing doesn’t work, acid washing will be used. If that isn’t enough to unblock the drain, a particular portion of the pipe will need to be replaced.

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