Emergency Plumbing in Bellingham, WA Is Available for a Variety of Essential Services

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Plumbing

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The need for Emergency Plumbing in Bellingham WA arises from numerous types of incidents. One of the more common problems is a sewer backup into the basement or a drain on the bottom floor of the home. A clogged sink drain usually can wait until the next business day, but a sewer backup cannot.

Emergency service from a company such as Lynden Sheet Metal, Inc. also may be needed to fix a water heater or if a pipe springs a leak. A seriously clogged toilet also may be considered an emergency situation if there is only one bathroom in the home, especially if multiple people live there. Browse our website to learn more about this particular organization.

Water Heater Installation

Emergency Plumbing in Bellingham WA can include new water heater installation if the malfunctioning appliance is very old or has started leaking. The project usually only takes a couple of hours, but some circumstances require extra labor. In that case, the customers may want to wait and have the installation done through a regular appointment if the cost is problematic.

For example, a water heater located in a confined area like the back of a closet is difficult to reach. This is a common problem in manufactured homes. Installation of the new one also is not as easy as when there is a large open space, as is normally the case in a basement or upstairs laundry room.

Converting to a Different Model

If the homeowners want to convert from an electric water heater to a gas model, that also requires extra labor. This can be done as long as there is already a line for natural gas or propane to the home. Many people decide to convert because heating water with gas is significantly cheaper than heating it with electricity.

Less commonly, a customer wants to replace a gas water heater with an electric one. In the situation where the equipment is in a bedroom closet, the household residents may be uncomfortable with having a gas appliance right next to the sleeping area. They’re willing to take on the higher electric bill in that case.

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