Signs it is Time to Call for Sewer Repair in Philadelphia

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Plumbing

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Many homeowners don’t realize that all of the drains in their home eventually come together and connect to a single, large pipe that is called the sewer drain. As a result, this drain receives quite a bit of action daily because it is where every single gallon of wastewater from the home goes. Unfortunately, in the majority of homes, this drain is buried under the house, which makes it somewhat challenging to know when issues are present. However, with a bit of information, people can know what to look for and when to call for Sewer Repair in Philadelphia.

Raised or Soggy Patches

If the sewer line has started to leak, then this is an indication that there is quite a bit of water getting disturbed beneath the yard. For homeowners who notice raised patches or soggy patches, it may mean that there is some type of sewer leak in the yard. If it is not addressed in a timely manner, it is only going to get worse and cause more issues.

Suspicious Patches of Green, Lush Grass

If there is an excess of water in the ground, then it means the plant life nearby is going to begin to thrive and flourish. If a homeowner begins to see patches of plants or grass that are growing too fast or that seem unusually green, then it may mean they have found access to an entirely new water source. Unfortunately, the water may be coming from the sewer line.

A Sewer Smell

Keep in mind, if the sewer line is busted and leaking, the water coming out of it isn’t going to be clean and fresh. This is the wastewater that is leaving the home. As a result, there is likely going to be a strong sewer smell in the yard. This is another indication that Sewer Repair in Philadelphia is needed.

If a homeowner believes they need sewer repair services, they should not put off calling the professionals. They can come and evaluate the problem and make the necessary repairs. More information about sewer drain repair can be found by taking the time to Contact us.

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