Find an Experienced Plumber Familiar Galvanized to Copper Systems in Skokie

It often comes as a surprise to new homeowners when they figure out that there are more types of plumbing materials now available on the market. Older homes often still have their older plumbing and sewer lines too. Older materials included fragile clay type pipes that frequently crack and break due to weather changes and overtime. Find an experienced plumber who is familiar with all types of plumbing systems and materials from galvanized to copper in Skokie.

Drain Cleaners & Other Chemicals Can Damage Certain Drain Materials

Avoid pouring caustic drain cleaners or other chemicals without checking with a seasoned plumber first. These items can really damage various pipes used for water and sewage drainage. In addition, those chemicals could end up sitting there rather than draining down if a significant clog is inside the pipe or if the pipe is broken. All of those caustic chemicals may then get into the nearby walls, floors, or other items creating a hazardous and dangerous situation.

Know Which Materials Your Plumbing Pipes Are Before Repairing

Some plumbing systems have multiple types of pipes often in hard-to-reach areas. Before wasting money on pipes that won’t work, always find out what material yours are first. This should also be ascertained before using any plumbing equipment like snakes and power washers. Some could damage older and more vulnerable pipes.

Call an Experienced Plumber for Repairs or Installation

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