Let Plumbing Contractors in Atlanta Eliminate Those Plumbing Issues

The plumbing in a home or business is one of those things that people tend to forget about, at least until a problem develops. Unfortunately, this can be a serious error because a small leak can quickly develop into an expensive repair. That little drip of water can soak into the lumber and drywall that the building is made from and once it does things begin to fall apart. Of course, it isn’t possible to check all the fixtures and piping for signs of failure, but it is possible to have the system periodically inspected by expert plumbing contractors in Atlanta.

There are several areas where the plumbing can fail, but one of the most aggravating is the sewage system. A blockage in the sewer line can quickly cause it to back up into the house. There are two common areas where the drain lines can clog. The first is the P-traps and the second is the main sewer lines. Surprisingly, most of the problems with toilets are the result of a blockage in the main line. The rest are typically due to poor water flow, which can affect the way that waste is pushed past the pipe trap portion of the toilet.

Plumbing Contractors In Atlanta deal with the pipe traps by removing the trap portion of the pipe and cleaning out any debris that is stuck inside. Most pipe traps such as those connected to a sink are simple to clean because they are easy to access. The trap in the toilet is a more difficult job because of its location. Toilet traps are usually cleaned with a small rooter or pipe snake. However, a clog in the main line may be the most difficult repair because much of the pipe is buried and cannot be easily accessed. The tools used for this problem include the rooter, a video snake, and hydro-jetting systems.

Not all plumbing jobs are centered on repairs. In fact, most plumbers prefer working on new installations and remodeling tasks. One reason for this is the satisfaction of seeing a kitchen or bath take shape. It requires a lot of effort to create a usable bathroom or kitchen because it isn’t possible to simply stick the fixtures anywhere. Learn more about quality plumbing from the experts at FitzGerald & Sons Plumbing Company.