Hire a Plumbing Company in Omaha NE When the Garbage Disposal Fails

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Plumbing

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If the home’s garbage disposal is no longer doing its job, or there are unusual noises when the unit is switched on, it may be time to call a plumbing compay in Omaha, NE for help. Jeff Mumm Plumbing Omaha, NE specializes in a selection of services, including disposal repair, and a plumber can diagnose and resolve problems without the need for garbage disposal replacement in many cases. Before calling a plumber, the homeowner should look for the signs listed below.

A Humming Noise With no Operation

If the garbage disposal will not churn or dissolve waste, but it makes a low humming noise when switched on, it is likely due to a stuck or worn flywheel. In any case, a professional plumber can find and fix the issue quickly and easily.

No Noise Is Made When the Unit is Switched On

If the garbage disposal makes no noise at all when it is turned on, the problem is typically due to a fault in the electrical system. An experienced plumber can inspect the unit, clean out debris that causes operational issues and determine whether the unit can be repaired or should be replaced.

A Leaking Unit

A pool of standing water beneath the kitchen sink can be annoying, but it typically has a simple cause such as a worn hose or seal within the garbage disposal. However, broken hoses and seals are cost-prohibitive to fix, and total replacement is the best option in many cases.

Worn Grinding Teeth

Sometimes, a garbage disposal doesn’t work as well as it should because the teeth are ground down or missing. A licensed plumber can remove the unit’s flywheel and replace or sharpen its grinding teeth.

A Foul Odor

A few products can deodorize the garbage disposal, but they only do so much. If the unit is not properly clearing waste from the drain, the foul odor will persist until a plumber services the unit.

Garbage disposals usually last up to ten years before needing replacement, but a plumber can often recommend less costly solutions if a unit exhibits any of the signs shown here. Whether it’s for total replacement or a simple repair, a plumbing company in Omaha, NE can help a homeowner with all their service needs.

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