Important Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Commercial Plumber in Fairfax VA

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Plumbing

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When it comes to professional industries, plumbing may not be the most popular. However, it is extremely important. Having properly working, quality plumbing, especially in commercial buildings, has a direct impact on the sanitation and health of the building. Improperly installed or poor plumbing can lead to a number of complications, which may result in sickness. In order to avoid the issues that can result from a poor commercial plumber, there are certain questions that should be asked, prior to hiring a Commercial Plumber in Fairfax VA.

Do they specialize in commercial properties?

When a Commercial Plumber in Fairfax VA is needed, it is essential to find one that actually understands the various commercial projects they will have to be handled. Commercial projects will have different permit, code and inspection requirements, which means that a quality plumber that has adequate experience with commercial projects will need to be hired to handle all three of these.
Are they bonded and licensed in the state where they are working?

Unfortunately, there are far too many commercial builders and property owners who hire unlicensed contractors. This is why it is essential to ask for and check a plumber’s licensing, bonding and insurance information prior hiring them. Be sure to ask for a state identification number and bond number from the plumber and then ensure that the number is still active and that there are no liens or charges against the license that the plumber has.

What type of schedule does the business owner have?

For the most part, a residential plumbing job will only last for a few days. However, some commercial jobs can last for several weeks, which means it is crucial that you select a plumber who has good scheduling abilities and time to devote to the project you need to have completed.

When commercial plumbing services are needed, it is time to call for service from the professionals at Business Name. Taking the time find the right plumber will pay off in the long run. Keep this in mind to achieve the best possible results for the plumbing job that needs to be done.

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