Industrial Trenchless Pipe Repair Service In Lima Ohio Can Eliminate The Need For A Large Excavation

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Plumbing

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Leaking or older pipes that need replaced underground use to require the use of a lot of excavating and disruption to the ground on the surface. Industrial Trenchless Pipe Repair Service in Lima Ohio requires almost no excavation to replace the same pipe. Having a large open hole with steel plates placed on a job site to prevent anyone or anything from falling into the area is expensive as well as unsightly. A trenchless pipe replacement is also called a no-dig pipe rehabilitation. A pipe can be completely replaced by digging a small hole to the pipe which needs placed and breaking the former pipe while installing a new pipe.

Industrial Trenchless Pipe Repair Service in Lima Ohio is much more cost affordable than excavating the entire length of the pipe. It can eliminate the need for removing sidewalks, roads, yards, and driveways. The trenchless method involves creating a small hole and then inserting a breaker head that is similar to a cone to create a clear tunnel ahead of the new pipe. It travels underground, and one small pit at the entrance and another at the end is usually all that is required to complete the job. A pulley machine will pull the new pipe through the tunnel to the other side.

Even if the old pipe is collapsed, the breaker head and pipe can still be installed. This is wonderful solution to waste and waterlines that are no longer viable. The pit hole will only be approximately 24 inches wide The beginning pit is called the entry pit, and the end is called the pulley pit with the pulley will be installed to pull the new pipe through to complete the job. The pulley unit is attached to a chain that extends from the pulling pit to the entry pit as well as a wood structure to secure the area. These units can move between two and four feet per minute depending on the area. Once the job is completed, the unit is disassembled, and the hole is closed. For more information on trenchless pipe repair, please feel free to visit Bluffton Aeration Services.

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