Stop Leaks and Eliminate Clogs With Expert Plumbing in Cincinnati OH

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Plumbing

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The fresh water supply to homes and businesses is always under pressure. This is necessary so that water can be delivered to any building that requires it. However, constant pressure can cause its own set of problems. For example, the continuous pressure will eventually force faucets to leak and it can also cause poorly installed fittings to separate. Experts with Plumbing in Cincinnati OH can help by checking the installation for signs of imminent failure and fixing any damaged components. A plumbing inspection could prevent a lot of costly repairs because leaking water damages many construction materials.

One problem that many property owners deal with is hard water. This is the result of minerals accumulating in the local water supply and it can cause a lot of annoying issues. For instance, the minerals can accumulate in shower heads and block the flow of water. Minerals can also build up in water heaters and affect their function. Removing the resulting scale from the water heater requires flushing the unit and this should be a part of its annual maintenance. Another way that hard water can affect certain types of water heaters is when the minerals accumulate on electric heating elements. This kind of buildup could cause the elements to rupture or short circuit.

Another frequent reason to seek out experts with Plumbing in Cincinnati OH is a clog in the drains. Drain clogs can be simple things like accumulated waste in the pipe traps or they may be the result of a waste buildup on the walls of the main sewer pipe. Cleaning the pipe traps usually requires their removal so that the crook of the trap can be cleared. This can be a little difficult if the blockage is in a shower or tub and this task generally requires the help of experts.

Eliminating a clog in the main sewer line is normally done with a pipe snake. However, this tool usually just eliminates part of the blockage because sewer line clogs can be extremely dense. Completely eliminating the blockage may require the use of water jetting. This is a high-pressure water stream that scours the interior of the pipe and washes the waste away. Click Here to learn more about plumbing repairs, maintenance, and inspections.

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