Top Three Telltale Indications You Need Plumbing Repair Services

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Plumbing Services

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Water use is an integral part of everyday lives. You use water in your kitchen sinks, toilets, and showers. As such, you want to make sure that all your plumbing components are functional. Fortunately, your plumbing system has a way of letting you know of an impending repair or danger. Therefore, you should be keen enough to notice these signs so that you hire a plumber for repairs as soon as possible. Call your plumber when you realize one or more of these signs in your home.

Pipes Knocking

Something is wrong if you are hearing knocking in your pipes when your sink is running, during a shower, or filling your bathtub. Water hammer usually happens when pipes pressurize after use. It is one of the common causes of pipe knocking. Loose support straps, high water pressure, or free valves in your pipe system can potentially damage your plumbing system. Call your plumber in Cobb County, GA, for inspection and repairs before the problem causes leaks.

Your Toilet Runs Continuously

If you hear water filling the toilet tank throughout even when no one has used the toilet, then you have a problem. Most people overlook this sign with the misconception that it’s a noisy toilet. What you don’t know is that the noisy toilet could be increasing your water bill. A running toilet often means that the seal connecting the bowl to the tank is faulty, causing a leak. You need a plumber in Cobb County, GA, to fix the problem.

Colored Water

The water you use in your house should be clear. If you open your taps and get colored water, then you need a plumber. Yellow, brown, or red water indicates that your pipes are rusting or rusted. Green water is a sign that copper plumbing is corroding. Call your plumber to inspect the pipes and repair to prevent health issues.

These are some of the signs that you should not ignore. Ignoring them could mean that you might have to replace some of the plumbing components. You don’t have to live with a faulty plumbing system when you can call a qualified plumber for repairs.

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